BuddhaBaby Productions
Self love, Building Self Confidence, Low Self Esteem

Put simply, BuddhaBaby is all about LOVE...

  • Develop an enlightened and innocent approach to your life
  • Learn to live a calm and fearless life
  • Increase your self-love and self-esteem to form more sincere, intimate relationships

By building self confidence, we no longer need to deal with energy draining misadventures and facades. With self love we learn to be who and what we truly are. By eliminating low self esteem we spread this feeling of well being to everyone we come in contact with. In doing this we change the world one person at a time simply by being an admirable role model. This is true rebellion, true happiness.

Once we feel comfortable with ourselves we approach things, identify with things, differently. We are much more open to sharing with others we come in contact with, and end up forming more sincere and intimate relationships. We come across with an entirely different sense of confidence; confidence born of self-love and self-esteem not arrogance. We no longer have to fear failure because the failure that comes from low self esteem and self-doubt, no longer exists.

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